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The bachelor thesis – a challenge that every student has to overcome. At least if his goal is to graduate, he must definitely write a bachelor thesis. So many students deal with this seemingly impossible task and so few manage to properly organize the writing process right from the beginning, and manage all the challenges without major problems. And unfortunately, there are almost no students who answer the question “Did the writing of the bachelor thesis be fun?” With “Yes, I liked it very much”. The trend shows that students who are in the last semester would rather dedicate their time to a part-time job or an internship than sitting in front of the screen and writing their thesis. No wonder, because the professional experience as well as acquired skills play an even bigger role in further careers, than 40 pages of the text with graphics and tables, which find no practical purpose in the future. Most students are convinced of that.

Are you looking for a ghostwriter for your bachelor thesis? First learn more about what he can help you with!

When it comes to getting professional help writing an academic thesis, it does not necessarily mean that a ghostwriter writes the work “A to Z”. The question that interests many: May a bachelor thesis be written by a ghostwriter? The answer is clear: yes, she is allowed. It is important to emphasize that work written by a ghostwriter is only an example and should not be given as a true scholarly work to obtain an academic degree. In conclusion, a student can buy a bachelor thesis, but may not present it to the professor as his own.

What are ghostwriters still doing?

Our authors are also able to help customers with finding a topic, literature research or outline compilation. You can also make a one-sided conclusion to a finished work or perform statistical analysis. Academic help for students and young scientists also requires such a valuable option as “coaching”. The student writes his work independently, he is supervised by an academic author, who gets along well in the topic. The student is in constant contact with this author and has the opportunity to ask questions from his supervisor during the writing process and ask for scientific feedback. It also makes sense to order proofreading for the bachelor thesis. Other services that can be used to write a bachelor thesis include proofreading, formatting and plagiarism check. You can find out more about this in the “Services” section.

Have a bachelor thesis written: costs

Students who have to deal with a lot of different information every day often have so-called writer’s blocks – but our authors never! It pays to ask for help when writing a bachelor thesis. However, students must be aware that writing a bachelor thesis is a task that requires a lot of subject-specific skills, creativity and a lot of responsibility. That’s why she has to be paid accordingly. At our agency, the price of ghostwriting depends on three criteria. These are discipline, number of pages and urgency. It is important to emphasize that a purely theoretical 30-page work in history is much less time-consuming than a 30-page work in computer science, which must also include a statistical analysis or evaluations. Accordingly, the second type of work will cost more. As far as the urgency of the order is concerned, our agency offers different deadlines: 3/5/7/10/20/30 days or 2/3/4/6 months. Here we would like to give a short example from our pricing: Standard price for a page Bachelor thesis, which must be made in three days, is 47 euros. If an author has 6 months for such work, one page costs about 16 euros. For regular customers we always have different bonuses as well as pleasant discounts. You can also enjoy many benefits of our loyalty system.

Write bachelor thesis: Experience

There are quite a few agencies and online typing services that offer various ghostwriting services today. Honestly, it is quite complicated to choose a real agency between all these offices. No matter if you are looking for a ghostwriter for business administration or computer science, you first have to do “a research”. We understand our customers and give them a brief advice: before you place an order, we recommend to look in the network for the customer reviews. You could do this with a world-renowned platform for online reviews such as Use “Trustpilot”. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement and the successful experiences you find on the net will certainly help you make the right decision. Dare to hand over your bachelor thesis to a ghostwriter and save your time and nerves!

Here is the list of disciplines that our authors deal with:

  • Cultural Studies (anthropology, visual arts, ethnology, film studies, musicology, world literature)
  • Humanities (archeology, linguistics, history, intercultural communication, art history, media and communication science, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, theology)
  • Natural sciences (astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, mathematics, microbiology, pharmacy, physics)
  • Applied Sciences (Architecture, Design and Technology, Education, Nursing, Agriculture, Medicine, Military Science, Education, Social Work, Ecology)
  • Economics (business administration, e-commerce, financial accounting, finance, management, logistics, macro and microeconomics, management, marketing, tourism, economics, economics)
  • Law (European Business Law, Law, Insurance Law)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Health Management, Human Resource Management, Journalism, Mass Media and Advertising, Consumer and Family Science, Human Resource Management, Political Science, Social Economics, Sociology, Sports Science)
  • Engineering (Automotive Production and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Microtechnology / Mechatronics, Print and Media Technology, Systems Engineering)
  • Computer Science (Applied Computer Science, IT Science, Web Engineering)

What is the structure of a bachelor thesis?

What is the methodology of a bachelor thesis? Since it is a scientific paper, it has to be created according to certain guidelines. To simplify the writing process, you first need to familiarize yourself with these guidelines and, as a result, create a detailed plan of the entire writing process. Every scientific paper (and the bachelor thesis is no exception) has a structure and an outline. The difference between these terms is clear, because the outline gives an overview of the logical order of the individual chapters and gives the reader a first impression of the basic ideas of the work and how they are built on each other. The structure of a bachelor thesis consists mainly of the following parts:

  • cover sheet
  • contents
  • List of abbreviations
  • List of illustrations and tables
  • introduction
  • Bulk
  • trailer
  • bibliography
  • Directory of the Annex
  • attachment

Each part plays an important role and gives the reader specific information about the writing. The biggest part of the bachelor thesis takes the main part (about 80%), because here the main questions of the whole work have to be discussed. Very important here are the headings, with which the work looks logical and understandable. Also, do not forget how to give a correct citation.

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