Bachelor thesis in the CV

What does the bachelor thesis have to do with the CV? Sometimes (and unfortunately) nothing. Sometimes she has a lot to do with it. Read on to find out how to properly integrate your resume in the bachelor thesis, why the bachelor thesis is part of the curriculum vitae and everything related to bachelor thesis and CV!

Say, a student writes his bachelor thesis in a company. It is not a full-time job – it works most at home and goes into the company when it has specific questions or needs its resources. He wants to include his bachelor thesis as a single point in his CV, but he does not know exactly whether he should cover this under education or another point. Do I have to perform the bachelor thesis separately?

The answer

Normally you divide into education and professional experience, where then also include internships and part-time jobs. Depending on whether the student does his work as part of an internship or a part-time job, he then also has to place them in this position. Basically, you write the bachelor thesis directly to degree program or study duration, about two lines below with grade, title and the name of the company. Since CVs usually need to be extremely compact – future employers are reluctant to leaf through a novel – in most cases this should be more appropriate than a complete sub-item.

It would be a bit different if the bachelor thesis topic provides a competency for his first job. Then you could also insert an executive summary, because the future employer then sees that you really have a clue in the area. This is under internship. However, such a case is quite rare, but most of all you accept something of which you have only a limited idea.

You can also add the bachelor thesis below the degree. It is common in academic CVs to specify the theme of the bachelor thesis.

Can and should one write the bachelor thesis in other CVs?

In such a case, one may also add that he has written the work for a company and possibly also the name of the company. Resumes are not a finished scheme to which you have to keep convulsive. A well designed curriculum vitae, from which it can be seen that the applicant has not only rewritten a pattern from the net or a guidebook and reformatted something, has a little more convincing to the future boss. In this way you have a little toe in the door!

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